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Treatment Of Cold And Flu At Home

Cold and FluNo matter what time of the year we are in, cold and flu is something no one can escape and most of the time we forget to take care of ourselves and prepare ourselves beforehand for this infection. Common cold is caused due to a virus and that is infectious and spreads from one person to another. It is said and believed that common cold and flu are actually good for health because in this way the toxins of the body get flushed out and the body gets refreshed after wards for the rest of the year. However to sooth the pain and feel better, there are so many home remedies one can try out so that you don’t have to lie in bed all day with your head in your hands and taking a dozen pills. As the winter approaches, I always fear of the cold and flu and that heavy aching head which literally makes me wish I was an alien n not human. I have collected some home remedies for the common cold which you might want to have a look at and even try out, to get yourselves prepared for the chilling season and its gifts.
Drink hot liquids
Drink lots of hot liquids when autumn arrives and do not consider the light pleasant wind blowing outside the house as something not to be concerned about. Yes these soft chilling winds cause colds and flu and spread the virus. Take teas, kehwa, coffee, soups; even the water should be mildly warm.
Gargle with warm water
This should not be an activity you perform just to cure the cold pain and sour throat, in fact doctors suggest to gargle with warm water every night before going to sleep as this kills the bacteria in your throat and mouth. Another study also tells us that the mouth of a human contains the maximum number of bacteria and therefore brushing, mouth wash usage and gargling is considered essential for good health.
Ginger and cinnamon tea
Ginger and cinnamon when mixed together make a fantastic combination for curing and soothing sour throat and flu. The qualities of ginger are anti-inflammatory and it is considered best for various purposes. Make kehwa/tea at night boiling a piece of ginger and cinnamon and drink warm, this will kill the bacteria and prove to be an excellent agent for relaxing the aching throat.
Chicken soup
Chicken soup is considered a very healthy food as well as a soothing agent for colds and sour throats. Basically what happens is that the temperature of our bodies is warm and the weather outside is cold, so this fluctuation in the weather causes the body temperature to get unstable and therefore many problems arise which include the cold. The sour throat however is caused due to a bacteria but this chicken soup can help cure all such cold season related problems.
There are so many other remedies and steps one can take to cure the common cold, I have shared only some but trust me all of these are very effective and if done regularly will help you feel relaxed, healed and you can enjoy the cold season and its chilling winds. But don’t forget to cover yourself properly when going out and staying warm.
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