Well Known Premier Technical And Vocational Training Institute In Pakistan

DTI (Descon Technical Institute) offers variety of technical training courses. Its all courses consist of 70% practical and 30% of the theory, so this unique learning method is very beneficial to students as it gives them practical hands on experience, making it easier for them to meet industry requirements once they graduate. This institution was established under the patronage of Descon Engineering, a larger private sector organization and the only Pakistani multinational operating in the region.
Current Training Courses:
1- Electrical Supervisor                                                                                    7- Rigger/Scaffolder
2- Electrical Technician                                                                                  8- Safety Assistant
3- Millwright                                                                                                      9- Safety Inspector
4- Pipe and General Fitter                                                                              10-Steel Fixer
5- Pipe Fabricator                                                                                             11-Welding 3G
6- Quantity Surveyor                                                                                        12-Welding 6G
Premier Technical And Vocational Training Institute 2Premier Technical And Vocational Training Institute 3

They also provide English communications and Soft skills classes to give students the confidence to communicate with their employers in English. Apply your desired course: www.dti.edu.pk
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