Biometric Banking Technology On Its Way To ATMs

biometric banking
Biometric banking is coming to ATMs, testing is already underway.
The new ATM concept would allow people to unlock their bank accounts with an eye scan.
However, the technology that will do away with the need for cards in favor of iris scanners is being developed by a company accused of election fraud
The video below makes the same plea to embrace new technology that is always heard when discussing a solution to the very real threat of identity theft. However, it is worth noting that in this case the company which is developing the solution is Diebold. This is the company that has been charged with hacking democracy during an investigation intobribery, fraud, and a “worldwide pattern of criminal conduct.”
Feeling safer?Diebold’s latest solution involves registering transactions with your smartphone, then having your iris scanned at the ATM. Major banks such as Citigroup have begun testing.
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