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China Releases HD Photos Of The Moon

China Releases Extraordinary HD Photos Of The Moon
Two years after China’s Chang’e-3 lunar rover started exploring the moon, the National Space Administration has released hundreds of true color HD photos of the lunar surface for the world to see.
China’s Yutu rover reveals Moon’s “complex” geological history
RT reports:
The China National Space Administration published images, videos and scientific data on its website, making them available to anyone who registers.Chang
China is the third nation after Russia and the US to land on the moon, and this was the first soft-landing on the Earth’s only natural satellite in 37 years – the previous one being Russia’s Luna 24 probe in 1976.Chang
The images were actually taken from 2013 to 2015 with cameras attached to the Chang’e-3 lander and the Yutu rover (meaning ‘Jade Rabbit’ in Chinese), which is no longer operational.Chang
Apart from taking these exceptionally detailed high-quality color images of the moon, the mission was also equipped with a telescope and instruments to perform geologic analysis of the lunar surface.Chang
The research performed suggests that the moon’s surface may be less homogenous than originally thought. To find out more, the Chinese plan to send the Chang’e-5 spacecraft to collect more soil samples
in 2017.Chang
Then in 2018, the ambitious Chang’e-4 mission may become the first in the world to land on the far side of the moon.moon
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