European MP Says Turkey Has Been Caught Red Handed Arming ISIS

European politician says Turkey have been caught arming ISIS militants
A European MP has announced that they have obtained documents that proves that Turkey aid and support terrorists groups such as ISIS in Syria. 
In an interview with the Lobe Log news agency, European Parliament member Kati Piri says that she has evidence that Turkey purchases oil from ISIS, and that Turkish intelligence agencies have conspired to cause the “immigration tsunami” currently happening throughout Europe. reports:
Piri says that she hoped that the European Parliament will force Turkey to be held accountable for this.
Piri also said Turkey’s EU accession process is faced with very serious problems and has become almost impossible.
be Log news agency confirms Kati Piri’s statements about Turkey’s pivotal role in equipping terrorist groups in Syria when he was quoted as saying:

EU parliament will legally persecute Turkish officials and those of the justice and development party  and will call for a EU MP’s strict crackdown on granting visas to Turkish citizens for possible terrorist incidents.
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