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Footage Shows UFO Shot Down By Indian Fighter Jet

Footage has been released showing what appears to be a UFO being shot down by an Indian fighter jet
Footage has been released that shows an Indian fighter jet shooting down what appears to be a UFO – after the unidentified object set off a radar alert. 
A ‘balloon shaped object’ was targeted by the Su-30 aircraft after it was spotted close to the country’s border with Pakistan.
Yahoo News reports:
Defence minister Manohar Parrikar claimed radars picked up the shiny flying object entering Indian airspace.
“A fighter jet was quickly scrambled which intercepted it and shot it down,” he said.
It was suspected the floating device may have contained a bomb.The explosion could be heard within a 10km radius.
Nothing found in debris could confirm this.
Five solid metal triangles were found among the wreckage and only added to the mystery.
Some suggest the object was a weather balloon but officials are still looking for answers.
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