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Law of Gravity, discovery of Gravitational Waves baseless, claims Pakistani engineer

LAHORE: A PakistanI engineer has claimed that there is no reality in discovery of Gravitational Waves or Newton’s Law of Gravity.
According to an ad published in a daily newspaper, Fareed Akhtar who claims to be an engineer, invites the ‘well educated’ and ‘those who are in power’, to listen his lecture in which he will prove that Newton’s Law of Gravity and the recent discovery of Gravitational Waves are completely fake.
Fareed claims that the ‘theories’ about Gravitational Waves and the laws of Newton are baseless and anything such as gravity does not exist. He claimed that the earth has no gravity and the reality is entirely different, adding that he can prove, whatever he has claimed, in just one lecture and the lecture is going to be held in Rajgarh area of Lahore.
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