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Mid-Air Explosion Forces Pilot To Perform Emergency Landing

A mystery explosion on a Daallo Airlines flight ripped open a hole in the plane and forced the pilot to take emergency landing measures while thousands of feet in the air.
Police are treating the blast as ‘suspicious’ and are questioning the passengers, leading to speculations that a bomb might have been responsible. A body was reportedly seen falling from the sky at the time of the explosion.
The Mirror reports:
Flight D3159, travelling from Somalia to Djibouti, caught fire just five minutes after taking off from Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu this morning.
It was met on the tarmac by emergency crews, who were shocked to see a massive hole in the fuselage on the aircraft’s right hand side, just behind its R2 door.emergency landing at the Raas Cabaad-based airport.
Remarkably, airport officials say everyone onboard survived the incident.
However, at least three people suffered minor injuries – and some locals even claimed to have seen a severely burned body falling from the sky in the area.
Now, it has emerged that passengers are being questioned about the blast – with officials reportedly treating the incident as ‘suspicious’.
Somali security forces are investigating the cause of the incident, according .
According to local reports, the jet had just departed from Mogadishu when passengers heard a loud ‘bang’ from an explosion.
The aircraft was said to be on flames and surrounded by smoke when it touched down on the tarmac this morning.
Two passengers were initially said to have suffered minor injuries in the incident.
However, it has since been reported that locals near Balcad town in Somalia claim to have seen a badly burned body falling from a plane at around the time Flight D3159 turned around, according to Goobjoog News.
It is unclear whether these assertions and the Daalloo Airlines incident are linked.
It has also since been reported that a third person was wounded in the blaze.
At least 70 passengers and crew members are believed to have been on the plane at the time.
Daallo Airlines is a Somali-owned airline.
Based at Dubai Airport Free Zone, the firm operates scheduled services in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.
Mirror Online has contacted Daalloo Airlines for comment.
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