Pakistan: Heirs of a young man killed, forgave the murderer

Chakwal (Staff Reporter): Heirs of a young man killed five years forgave the murderer for the sake of Allah. The agreement of forgiveness was made in village Dhab Parri with the attempts of former union administrator Chuck Amram Faqir Mohammad and former Union Nazim Mian Iftikhar Hussain. In a large gathering inside a Masjid, heirs of killed Ghulam Qambar announced to forgive the killer Jawad Rehman Shah. Chaudhry Nisar paid the major role in the agreement. Former Tehsil Nazim Sardar Aftab Akbar was also present on the occasion, while a number of area leaders congratulated him on the consent of both families. Qambar had paid 1 lac 60 thousand Rupees to Jawad Rehman for sending him to abroad, but Jawad Rehman neither sent him out and nor returned the money back and killed him after calling him to Rawalpindi. Convicted by the court Jawwad Rehman had been sentenced to death and five million fine for the crime committed by him. The victim's father Muhabat Hussain, brother, Mohammad Shahzad plaintiff sued, generosity gathering Jawad Hussain Rahman's father, Zulfiqar Shah and his three sons, his brother Sabir Hussain Shah, Syed Tauqeer Shah were also present.
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