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Saudi Arabia Mobilise Tens Of Thousands Of Troops For ISIS Fight

Saudi Arabia mobilise thousands of troops to Syria
Saudi Arabia will join the UK in military exercises in preparation to fight ISIS in Syria, two sources have revealed to CNN.
Saudi will deploy up to 150,000 troops in March to run a multinational military training exercise to prepare for future anti-ISIS operations.
CNN reports:
He stressed previously Saudis that air strikes alone will not defeat “Daash”, but they returned to reconsider their strategy, which is likely to present them in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels.
The Saudis say they supported air strikes against the organization as part of the coalition against “Daash” but rarely asked them to participate in the raids.
The Saudis also see that when the organization can defeat this common force to re-balance the battlefield and spread peace. UK believes that the March / March will be the most appropriate time for the beginning of military exercises, because Saudi Arabia expects to control the Yemeni capital Sanaa soon, as Saudi forces see that the resistance Houthis dwindle and intense blow of the Arab coalition forces will enable the President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi of control of the capital, which will allow Saudi Arabia’s an opportunity to focus on Syria.And he announced that the Saudi involvement in 119 sorties since its accession to the alliance in the 23 September / September 2014, and another request from the coalition to participate in one of the flights was on the first of January last, prompting officials in the UK to see that the air strikes have not been implemented in full intensity and effectiveness.
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