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Security Camera Captures Inexplicable Creature In Turkey

Security cameras in Turkey capture an inexplicable creature on the road
Security camera footage recorded on 02/12/2016 shows a mysterious creature caught on camera flying as it travels down a road. 
Towards the end of the video the mysterious creature disappears and then reappears walking.
This is after the creature is seen slithering, hovering, and flying for the best part of 4 minutes.
Could it be an alien, a ghost or just simply a balloon caught in the wind?
Take a look at the video [BELOW] and let us know what you think
What WAS that? Here is what some other users think:
“Looks like maybe cardboard cutout suspended from a drone, it looked like something spinning on the end of a line.”
“At first I thought it was a very drunk person in the street, then it floated away…then it came back and I thought damn, a flying penguin in Turkey…then it buggered off down the street, skipped the kerb and went into the dark seemingly glowing!”
“Looks like a dead skunk or cat hanging from a rope. Someone on the upper (2 or 3rd) floor is slowly swinging it around infront of camera.”
“the changes in the appearance of the shadow ‘it’ casts are curious.”
“Do you all get the same really creepy vibe as I do?”
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