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Court Rules Martin Luther King Assassination A “Government Conspiracy”

US court rules that Martin Luther King assassination a 'government conspiracy'
A U.S. court case from 1999 that received virtually zero media attention ruled that there was a “conspiracy to kill Martin Luther King” using “agents of the government of the United States”, exonerating James Earl Ray in his assassination. 
The civil trial King v. Jowers lasted for 30 days – and after 59 minutes of deliberation the jury found the original official narrative involving Martin Luther King’s death to be factually incorrect, and ruled that government agents were responsible for his death. reports:
The court case never received much media attention. In 1993, the lead up to the consideration of the trial by the King family; Jowers appeared on Prime Time Live on the ABC confessing publicly that he played a role in the assassination, and naming Lt. Earl Clark from the Memphis Police Department as the one who fired the shot that killed Dr. King.
The lead up to the assassination, and on the day before, saw MLK’s security detail removed.
Sponsored by Inspector Don H. Smith was responsible for the request to remove the security. Also removed were a black Memphis PD detective Ed Redditt, and two black firemen from a nearby station, who were known to Dr. King.
The House Select Committee on Assassinations later heard an undercover Memphis Police Department Officer Marrell McCollough testifiy in 1978 that he joined the CIA following Dr King’s death. McCollough had said from his account that he witnessed the assassination from the parking lot of the Lorraine Motel and ran up the stairs to view the body. He remained on the premises until Dr. King’s death, even though others had been removed in the lead up to the event.
Finally, the Tact 10 police escort that was to accompany Dr. King’s security detail was pulled on the day before his death, by an Inspector Evans.
The final conclusion by the trial in 1999 who heard from 70 witnesses, ruled that there was a “conspiracy to kill Martin King involving agents of the government of the United States, State of Tennessee, City of Memphis…”
But after the first 12 hours of reporting the ruling just faded…and “nobody ever heard about it.”
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