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David Icke: 3 Years Left To Save Mankind

David Icke
Disgraced former sports presenter and Green party spokesman-turned conspiracy theorist David Icke shocked the world almost two and half decades ago by declaring he was the ‘son of God’. Years later, Icke is beloved among conspiracy communities for his countless books and lectures. Jon Austin of The Express writes of Icke’s latest venture:
Although Mr Icke disappeared from mainstream media after the initial shocking story died, he went on to become something of an “awakening guru” on the conspiracy theory circuit and within alternative media.
Icke has written countless books and toured the globe lecturing on his odd theories, making the bizarre his business over the past quarter of a century.
The former BBC Grandstand presenter, who has a massive online following, is about to embark on another world tour during which he will warned that unless more people “awake” from the fog we live under, a sinister elite of psychopaths will have total control of mankind through computer AI technology by 2018 at the latest.
Icke famously said in around 2000 that the world was ruled by a sinister group of shape-shifting reptilian beings who took the form of prominent humans.
Since then, he has pedalled endless conspiracy theories about 911 being an inside job, and about corruption within the banking system.

David Icke and The End Of The World

Now he predicts if billions of people don’t “wake up” like he and fellow conspiracists have, we could be trapped in a “very real version of the Matrix” like that in the move franchise of the same name starring Keanu Reeves. 
In a rambling two-hour interview with fellow awoken conspiracist Zen Gardner, on his YouTube channel, Icke said the Matrix film series and Johnny Depp movie Transcendence were realistic forewarnings of what was to come if humans remained “blind”.
But some of Icke’s theories are shared by esteemed scientists like Professor Stephen Hawking.
Icke, like Hawking, is concerned that artificial intelligence (AI) could ultimately become superior to and take over mankind.
But whereas Hawking has warned this could happen, Icke says it will and by 2018 at current rates.
He said the drive towards so-called Smart technology with most electrical objects connected to an “Internet of Things” or “Cloud” was the main threat.
He said: “Smart technology is part of a grid. I say we are being controlled by AI.
“I believe if the internet is not self-aware yet, it is in the process of becoming self aware.
“The Smart grid cloud is coming watch out.
“There is Smart dust nano technology to go inside the body – the Matrix films are so accurate.”
He said Transcendence about AI scientist Dr Will Caster downloading his own consciousness online was also a true picture of what is to come.
The former green activist believes an Illuminate of sinister reptilian beings within politics, banking and the media, runs the world under a “programme” we are subjected to from birth.
He likened them to a computer virus that was spreading and mutating.
He said: “We are talking about the virus being able to self recreate 
“In 2016, 17 and 18 it will be so important, as it moves on it will be much more difficult to turn it back to say the least.
“I picked up on 2016-18 some time ago, intuitively. We have three years left.
“But you cannot trust your five senses, they just show us the programme.
“AI is running everything. They say you have got to be connected through the cloud to AI, but no one is asking ‘what is this AI?’
“My opinion after looking at it for several years is that this world is ultimately controlled by a self-aware equivalent of a computer virus
“We are living in a world driven by fear, when you look at the extremes of the virus we have name for it – psychopathic behaviour with no empathy and no fail-safe mechanism to stop any scale of extreme behaviour.
“This virus, when it overwhelms someone, they become psychopaths, and if you look at the story of some certain bloodlines they have been genetically engineered to run the world for the virus.”
But fear not, as Icke says the evil system can be beaten.
All we need to do is wake up to the theory, see through the lies and transcend to a higher vibration of energy, so the evil virus can no longer affect you.
If that does not put your mind at rest, you can take heart at the fact that in 1991, he predicted huge earthquakes would destroy the Earth in 1997.
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