Kim Kardashian ‘Furious’ As Sister Comes Out As Conspiracy Theorist

Kim Kardashian is furious as younger sister Kylie Jenner says she believes in conspiracy theories
The Kardashian family are trying to silence and control Kylie Jenner as she bravely attempts to speak out about the dangers of chemtrails and the vaccine agenda.
Close friends are frightened for Kylie Jenner, claiming she is being controlled, manipulated, and threatened by her family as they desperately attempt to silence her and protect their elitist corporate sponsorship interests.
We are talking big money here.  The Kardashians stand to lose a lot of money if a member of their family embarrasses them like this,” said a friend of Kylie Jenner.  “Kylie is basically doing the only thing a Kardashian isn’t allowed to do.  She’s telling the truth.
They have been programmed to shut her down and they are totally doing it.”
It’s cruel what they are doing to her.  Kris says she is stopping Kylie visiting ‘dangerous conspiracy websites’ and has put a specially designed safe search restriction on Kylie’s laptop and even her phone.  She gets a printed document telling her every site Kylie visited that day.  If Kylie posts something about chemtrails or vaccines on Twitter, Kris deletes it.  Kylie finds ways around this, she’s not stupid.  She’s actually got a real thirst for knowledge.
Cracks began appearing behind the scenes of the Kardashian’s stage managed existence long ago, and Kris – who is famous with insiders for “losing her temper and punching objects” – has been described as a “controlling bully” by Kylie’s friend.  “She is terrified of what Kylie could to do to her business.”
They call it going ‘off script’ and they lock her up for a few days or send her away to a facility outside LA to get ‘back on script.’  They are telling her she’s crazy and she’s going to destroy the family.  That’s a hell of a lot of pressure right there for a teenage girl.”
When Kim had her baby Saint, Kylie was trying to talk to her about vaccinations and Kim just flipped out.
Now there is a total ban on talking about vaccinations, chemtrails, anything like that, anything they call ‘bad cray.’  They were happier when Kylie was a kid posting sexy pictures of herself on the internet.
Kylie has been banned by the Kardashian household from talking about vaccinations, chemtrails, and anything else conspiracy related.
Kylie has been banned by the Kardashian household from talking about vaccinations, chemtrails, and anything else conspiracy related.
Kanye is interested in Kylie’s ideas – he described Kylie’s twitter as the ‘waviest’ social media account in the family – but Kim and Kris are putting a stop to any interaction between the two.  Kanye is increasingly viewed as a liability in the Kardashian household.  They believe Kanye and Kylie are a bad influence on each other, and the consequences could be disastrous.
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