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U.S. General Says World War Against China, Russia Looms

A U.S. general has said a war between the U.S. and Russia, China looms
The U.S. army’s top General has said that America faces a very high risk of getting into a world war with Russia or China, and has warned that the military would be unable to cope in such a large-scale conflict. 
Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley testified on Capitol Hill on Wednesday saying that years of military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan combined with budget cuts have left the U.S. military out of shape. reports:
Testifying Wednesday on Capitol Hill, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley says years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, constrained budgets and troop cuts have had a cumulative effect on the service.
Milley says the Army is ready to fight the Islamic State group and other terrorist organizations.
But what Milley describes as a “great power war” against one or two of four countries – China, Russia, Iran and North Korea – would pose greater challenges.
Milley says the Army’s readiness is not at a level that is appropriate for what the American people expect to defend them.
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