VIDEO: 2,500 Pound Great White Shark Caught Off S. Carolina Coast

great white shark
A man who was vacationing in South Carolina had the surprise of a lifetime when fishing. A man named Troy Bowman, a professor of mathematics at Walters State Community College encountered the real life ‘Jaws’ shark while on a fishing expedition. It took two men – Bowman and the captain of the expedition – to reel the beast up to the boat.

Shark Was Like Submarine With Tail

Alabama’s reported on the scary shark encounter by Bowman – a Tennessee native – with great detail:
The pair fought the shark for four hours before they could bring it near the boat.
“It’s like being at the zoo and looking down at like a rhino or an elephant in the water,” Bowman told the TV station. “I couldn’t believe it. It’s unbelievable. It’s hard to think that I was that close to one.”
The boat’s captain, Chip Michalove, said the shark was the first fully mature great white to be reeled in with a fishing pole in about 30 years.
“It was like a submarine with a tail on it, is what it was,” Michalove said.
Michalove placed a tag on the shark so it could be tracked for research before cutting the fishing line and letting the shark go.

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