Video of Whale With No Tail Flukes Mystifies Scientists

whale with no tail fluke
A whale that was completely lacking any tail fluke was recently spotted off of the coast of South Island in New Zealand. According to a report about the whale’s lack of tale fluke from GeoBeats News says:
On Monday, Mike Morrissey, a ranger with the Department of Conservation received a rather unusual report. Someone had spotted a whale with no tail flukes swimming of the coast of New Zealand’s South Island.
Morrissey went to investigate and also caught a glimpse of the mostly tailless animal. According to him, the 2 or 3-year-old sea dweller appears to be doing just fine without the fin-like attachments.
Said Morrissey, “It was swimming well and breaching, diving and rolling, as humpback whales typically do.” He also noted the area where the flukes should have been attached seemed as if it had healed, suggesting the loss happened some time ago. It’s unknown what the cause of the loss was, but the animal getting caught up in ropes or fishermen’s nets is a plausible scenario.
Watch the video below:
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