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Evil mum finally admits to husband she killed their children after he tells her he's seeing someone else

Wayne Dunford
Wayne Dunford of Exeter, Devon, with his baby Harley

The husband of a mum who murdered their baby son months before killing their daughter has told how she confessed to him from prison... after he told her he was seeing someone else.
Heartbroken Wayne Dunford, 58, stood by wife Lesley for years - wrongly believing she was the victim of a miscarriage of justice.
She was jailed for seven years in 2012 for the manslaughter of their three-year-old daughter Lucy.
The tragic toddler died just months after the couple's seven-month-old son Harley was found dead in his cot.
Police initially said his death was as a result of natural causes and decided not to charge Dunford with any offence.
But she later admitted smothering little Harley to stop him crying at the family home in Hastings, East Sussex.
Wayne Dunford/SWNSWayne Dunford
Wayne Dunford and his wife Lesley with their baby Harley
It read: "Yes, I could have told you in 2004 but I was scared what your reaction would have been. I am so sorry."
Wayne says the scruffy handwritten letter was the first horrific realisation she was involved with the deaths.
Dunford also referred to her "frustration" at the end of their marriage.
The letter continued: "I'm just frustrated that you did what you did with [the new girlfriend].
"But hey-ho life goes on and I have moved on and will start again when I come out of jail."
She also wrote of her admission: "No-one is putting words in my mouth."
Wayne said: "When I got the letter I was still talking to Lesley on the phone and writing to her believing she was innocent.
"I owned up that I was seeing someone else. Her reply to me was the first time she ever admitted what she had done.
"It was a huge bolt out of the blue."
Dunford later confessed to smothering Harley to death in a phone call to Wayne from a psychiatric hospital where she was being treated.
Wayne Dunford/SWNSWayne Dunford
Wayne Dunford photographed at the graves of his children Harley and Lucy who both died within six months of each other
He said: "She told me she was going to have the police visiting her soon to talk about something else.
"I did not want to ask too much - as I was scared of what she might say.
But I did ask if it was about Harley and she confirmed it was.
"I put two and two together though and realised she must have come clean about what happened.
"To find out in a prison letter from Lesley that she had killed one of our children was awful enough.
"But to hear she murdered our baby as well is totally gut-wrenching. My whole family was torn apart.
Wayne Dunford/SWNSWayne Dunford of Exeter, Devon, with his wife and convicted child killer Lesley Dunford
Wayne Dunford of Exeter, Devon, with his wife and convicted child killer Lesley Dunford
"I feel awful about it all. I was out there convincing people that Lesley had not done anything for so long but that was truly what I believed.
"I just never thought she was capable of anything like that. She was just a good liar - and kept up the lie for over ten years.
"If I had any whiff, however much I loved her, that she had killed our kids I would have been the first to go to the police.
Wayne Dunford/SWNSLesley Dunford
Lesley Dunford of Exeter, Devon, who was convicted of killing her daughter
"We grieved for them together and we cried for them together.
"It is bad enough I have lost two children - but I have also lost my wife and everything I believed about the last 13 years turned out to be lies.
"I am now finalising the divorce, what we have now is not a marriage.
Wayne Dunford/SWNSWayne Dunford
Wayne Dunford at the graves of his children
"People might expect me to call her a monster, but I am not going to waste my energy in hating Lesley.
"She is not worth the bother and is in a place where she cannot hurt me and cannot hurt anyone else. I never want to see her again."
SWNSThe letter sent to Wayne Dunford
The letter sent to Wayne Dunford
Wayne Dunford/SWNSThe letter sent to Wayne Dunford
Recalling the two children, Wayne, from Exeter, Devon, said: "Lucy was a lovely little kid.
"I have great memories of going down to the beach with her.
"Harley was only a very little baby so my memories of him are not much at all.
Wayne Dunford/SWNSConvicted child killer Lesley Dunford and her husband Wayne on their wedding day
Convicted child killer Lesley Dunford and her husband Wayne on their wedding day
"He had his whole life in front of him - as did Lucy."
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