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'Ghost of armed nightwatchman' snapped at 650-year-old building where 'people ran out being sick'

T. JenkinsSpectral presence at Rye House Gatehouse
The spectral presence at Rye House Gatehouse has stunned haunting experts
This spooky snap could be proof of a ghostly presence in a 600-year-old building that's long fascinated ghost hunters.

Rye House Gatehouse in Hertfordshire has drawn the attention of spirit seekers before, but this new image shows who they think may be the ethereal manifestationof the Night Watchman from the 17th century.
The pictures, taken by Tracey Jenkins, appear to show a mist-like presence on the right of the image.
North London Paranormal Investigators say that they've long suspected the site to be haunted - and this has helped their case.
Micky Gocool, lead investigator, said: "We're not in the business of just trying to spook people.
"We always look for the rational and logical explanations, so we deliberately conducted our investigations at Rye House Gatehouse during the daytime.
SWNSThis amazing picture appears to show the ghost of a night watchman still standing guard hundreds of years after he died
This amazing picture appears to show the ghost of a night watchman
"I've been conducting paranormal investigations for 25 years now and I'm confident in saying that this is a site with activity."
The park's senior north ranger Gareth Winn said: "It was taken by a member of the public as part of a paranormal investigation.
"I was there at the time. It was interesting because the room where it was taken was where we get a lot of activity.
"It affected two of the mediums who were there and they ran out of the room to vomit.
"When it happened the temperature dropped and we got an electric surge. You get a lot of static and that is an indication that something is about to happen.
"The equipment that they brought picked up on electromagnetic energy the spirits give out.
"The instruments all went haywire and then people ran out being sick.
"We were in the same room in August last year and a member of the public in another investigation passed out in front of me.
SWNSThis amazing picture appears to show the ghost of a night watchman still standing guard hundreds of years after he died
The snap, which was shared by ghost hunters, is not "trying to spook people"
"It is in the same room. The evidence suggests that the room is the centre of activity."
Mr Winn claims he knows the name of the watchman and why his soul may be haunting the site but does not wish to disclose details for fear of attracting hoaxers.
But Mr Winn doesn't want to reveal any details about this for fear of attracting hoaxers to the site.
He said: "He was the armed guard for the manor house. When the gentry slept he stood guard.
Another recent 'haunting' at Rye Gatehouse:
"It was a dangerous time to live and he was there to protect the house.
"He used to carry a lantern and walk along the building's wall.
"It is thought the lights that people have seen in the building's roof in the past have been him."
Rye House Gatehouse is open on Sundays until September 25, 11am to 4pm
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