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One Man’s First-Hand Experience With Reptilians

A man who has had some frightening experiences with reptilians has written his first-hand account and it is catching fire across the internet. We are producing it here in full for you to form your own opinion about his account:

It was my great misfortune to be born into a family who were members of a religious sect comprised of some the most ignorant and narrow-minded bigots I have ever encountered – the Plymouth Brethen. As a result of continual daily brainwashing since the earliest age, I initially tried to fit the psychic and spiritual experiences which I had as a young child into a Christian context. However, when I finally realised, at the age of 16, that Christianity was a load of hogwash, and a dangerous prison for the mind and soul, I was able to open my consciousness to the point at which I began to have an ever-increasing awareness of spiritual realities. I then had a direct perception of the hidden powers operating behind the scenes, directing and controlling events in this world.
At the age of nineteen I had my first encounter with a vile entity who appeared to be the master-mind behind this age-old agenda to control the planet, the ultimate Power whom the negative reptilians serve. This entity appeared to me unexpectedly one evening when I was alone. I have written about this experience in a book, which has not yet been published, and quote from it below:
A tall figure towered above me, his countenance terrifying to behold. His dark eyes were narrow and upward-slanting, giving him a truly fiendish appearance that was matched by an expression that was cold, cruel and merciless. Although clearly visible, he was surrounded by an aura of self-generated darkness that was not simply the absence of light, but something tangible in itself. It was a thick darkness that could be felt. As the entity stood there, wave after wave of evil energy emanated from him. It was a vile and loathsome energy that turned everything around it into corruption, death and decay. With a terrifying certainty, I knew that I was in the presence of the most evil and dangerous entity in existence: the Prince of Darkness himself. The Dark Lord stood motionless, his piercing eyes blazing with an evil so terrible that I felt as if I was turning to stone. As his evil energy washed over me, I began to feel even more faint and dizzy. A vile stench like a mixture of sulphur dioxide and ammonia filled my nostrils, almost making me choke, and it left an acrid burning sensation in my nose and throat. I was seized by feelings of the utmost terror and loathing, and my very soul recoiled in horror from the diabolical entity who stood before me. I desperately tried to tear my gaze away from the Dark Lord, but the more I tried the more his terrible eyes bored into mine. Looking into those hellish eyes was like gazing into two bottomless pits of unfathomable evil. As I gazed helplessly into them, mesmerised by the power of the Dark Lord, I felt as if I was plunging into a Void of outer darkness and chaos, from which there could be no return. Suddenly, without warning, a blazing sphere of Light appeared between the Prince of Darkness and myself, and as it did so there was a sound like a violent clap of thunder. The whole house trembled beneath my feet as the sound reverberated throughout it. From within the almost-dazzling white Light a majestic figure suddenly appeared. He was in every respect the total opposite of the Prince of Darkness, and he emanated love, Light and indescribable purity. At his appearance the evil entity suddenly vanished.
Although this may sound like a scene from a horror movie, I assure you that this event actually took place, in early 1972, when I was 19 years old. Unfortunately, however, this was not a one-off encounter with the evil entity, for I was subsequently to experience many more after I met the reptilian who was to become my first wife. The Being of Light who banished the evil entity when he first appeared to me, was to become a central figure in my on-going experiences. He has on a few occasions directly intervened in some of the machinations of the Evil One and his reptilian cohorts, although he has made it very clear that it is not appropriate for him to do so under normal circumstances. The reason for this non-intervention is that human beings have to understand what is really going on in this world, and make their choices accordingly. We all have free will!
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