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Prince Harry Says ‘Arse’ During Live BBC Interview

Prince Harry

Prince Harry said ‘Arse’ live on air during Chris Evans’ Radio 2 breakfast show.

The Prince who is fifth in line to the royal throne uttered the word on behalf of injured servicemen and women, for lack of a better word.

The Independent reports:
While “arse” might not even constitute a swear word for most of us mere mortals, Prince Harry has still created a little controversy for uttering this profanity.
The 31-year-old Prince was caught off guard while speaking to Top Gear host Chris Evans about the forthcoming Invictus Games.
“It is epic amounts of fun, and it’s for everyone,’ the Prince said. “And these guys are fantastic ambassadors for going out there and putting on a show.”
“They want to be able to serve their country again, put the Union Jack on their left breast and kick the arse out of life.”
It goes without saying that this is unlikely to be an issue which Ofcom looks into but it has prompted some discussion on social media.
“Prince Harry was a live guest on this morning’s show where he talked with passion about the Invictus Games,” a spokesperson for BBC Radio told The Independent.Photo published for Prince Harry swears live on air during Chris Evans radio interview
Prince Harry's 1st live radio interview will be tomorrow, with Chris Evans.
Hoping he'll swear as I really want to know what Ofcom would do!

Prince Harry just said arse on the radio! Bet he don't get in trouble

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