Taliban suicide bomber kills 12 Afghan Army recruits

JALALABAD  – At least 12 people were killed and dozens wounded on Monday when a suicide bomber attacked a bus carrying Afghan army recruits.
The tragic incident occurred near Afghanistan’s eastern city of Jalalabad.

According to spokesman for Nangarhar provine Ataullah Khogyani said “It was a single suicide blast that killed 12 army recruits and wounded 38 others.
“The target was the army shuttle bus. These recruits were traveling to the capital, Kabul, for their training. All of them were young” he added.
Jalalabad hospital head told media on Monday that all 12 bodies were brought to the hospital.
He said the rest of the 38 wounded were in critical condition.
The attacker was on a motorcycle when he rammed the bus, detonating explosives, according to Ahmad Ali Hazrat, chief of the Nangarhar provincial council.
The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.
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