Teenager Passes Driving Test After Hitting And Killing A Deer

A UK teenager managed to pass his driving test and get a full license despite killing a deer during the exam.

teenager The Independent reports:
Tom Lo, 17, was driving around 40mph when the deer ran in front of his car near Fingringhoe, Essex.
Although he slammed on the emergency break, the deer was killed in the collision.
After the examiner checked the car for damage – only a cracked number plate – Mr Lo was allowed to continue the test.
He told the Evening Standard: “I had so many things going on inside my head. I thought have I failed my test? Has the deer died? It was crazy when it happened.”

Dog driving motorbike
He added: “I was pleased to pass my test but I also killed a baby deer so I didn’t feel like celebrating.
“I was just happy because I had worked hard and it was important to me.”teenager
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