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Video Of First B-52 Airstrike Against ISIS In Iraq


The Pentagon has released a video showing a B-52 bomber eliminating ISIS targets in Iraq.

While the US and its coalition partners have waged war on ISIS from the air and the ground, only recently did the legendary B-52 bomber join the fight

Business Insider reports:
The first video released from the Combined Joint Task Force’s Operation Inherent Resolve shows a departure from the B-52’s carpet bombing strategy of old. Instead, this video shows precision munitions hammering individual targets.
The footage below shows a B-52 hammering a ISIS weapon’s storage facility near Qayyarah, Iraq:
Here’s a closer shot:
NOW WATCH: The Air Force is ready to use an upgraded B-52 bomber to strike ISIS
The United States Air Force says the B-52 bomber could be the next weapon used in the fight against ISIS. In a recent briefing, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said that the bomber is “ready and able” to join the fight.
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