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Woman fed husband to her dogs piece by piece, police say

Svetlana Batukova allegedly fed her husband to her dog. Picture: Facebook
WARNING: Graphic content
A RUSSIAN-BORN newlywed slowly butchered her German husband — feeding strips of his flesh to their dog until he took his last breath, authorities said.
Svetlana Batukova, 46, is accused of the drug-fuelled weekend slaying of Horst Hans Henkels, 66, at their posh home in Spain, according to The Local, a European news site.
Batukova, who regularly posted pictures online of herself cuddling her Staffordshire bull terrier, stabbed Henkels with a kitchen knife last Friday, police said.
As he lay bleeding out on the floor, she carved off slices of his arm down to the bone and handfed them to her beloved dog, authorities said.
Batukova waited hours to call the police. When they arrived at the house in the Spanish resort community of Cala Millor in Mallorca, they found her standing next to a pool of Henkels’ blood.
Batukova appeared in court for a closed-door hearing Monday to face murder charges. It is still unclear whether the case will go to trial or how long she could spend in jail as investigators continue piecing together the deadly attack.
Svetlana Batukova with her dog.
Svetlana Batukova with her dog.Source:Facebook
Police believe Batukova, a self-confessed cocaine addict, was high and drunk at the time.
They are also investigating whether she may have drugged Henkels before the slaying.
An autopsy showed no defensive wounds.
Henkels recently had surgery on his trachea, rendering him speechless.
Authorities are still investigating what drove her to allegedly kill Henkels, whom she married after two stormy years together.
The couple were known to frequently get into quarrels and police had to intervene on numerous occasions, according to local reports.
And she allegedly approached a man in a bar to murder her hubby for about $57,000, according to The Daily Star.
But she didn’t seem unhappy on social media — at least with her pooch.
Batukova posted a photo of her wrapping her arms around the tan and white dog, planting a smooch on his head while he licked his lips.
In another snap, both Batukova and the dog are wearing sunglasses.
Other images she uploaded to her social media pages show the alleged Russian killer sporting various hair styles including a long blonde ’do where she’s posing in a pin-up position wearing a baby pink tank top and distressed jean shorts.
This article originally appeared on The New York Post and was reproduced with permission
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