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Black Man Turns Yellow After Wash With Chinese Detergent

A racist laundry detergent ad from China shows a dirty black man getting stuffed into a washing machine and emerging as a clean yellow Chinese man after a main wash

The commercial for ‘Qiaobi’ is awash with racism.
A Daily Caller report: I Watched This Chinese Laundry Detergent Ad, And An Hour Later I Was Racist Again
Did you know there are black people in China? It never occurred to me that there would be, but apparently there are. China doesn’t seem like a super-awesome place for a black person to hang out. I mean, those dudes are racist against the Japanese.
So this ad for a brand of Chinese laundry detergent called Qiaobi doesn’t really surprise me:

See, because the guy was black, and the girl didn’t want to kiss him, but then she put him in the washing machine with some Qiaobi and he turned into a super-sexy Chinese man. I guess black people are just Chinese people who haven’t had a good wash?
It’s really stupid and racist, and I don’t blame people who are watching it today and going “WTF?” But look on the bright side: Nothing matters and one day you will die.
By JIM TREACHER for The Daily CallerChina
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