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Putin Can Destroy Hillary Clinton’s Political Career

President Putin may be on the verge of destroying Hillary Clinton's political career
The US Presidential election is turning into a game of high stakes poker as Trump ups the ante and Clinton hopes to limp over the line.   But there may be a new active player in the game – his name is Vladimir Putin and he is holding the aces.

The word from the Kremlin is that the cyber-intelligence department are sitting on over 10,000 of Hillary Clinton’s emails.
Think this is a bluff?  Let’s look at the facts.
The Romanian hacker Guccifer (real name Marcel-Lehel Lazar) was interviewed by the New York Times in November 2014 from a Romanian prison where he was serving jail time.  The published interview talked about Guccifer’s hacking of two Bush president’s emails as well as top military staff – and Sydney Blumenthal’s emails to then Secretary of State Clinton.
What the article failed to make clear is that the emails sent to Clinton by Blumenthal were sent to her now infamous personal email account.
In March 2013, Guccifer distributed four hacked Blumenthal emails sent to Clinton’s private to world news organizations, including Russia’s Pravda, Moscow Times, and the Kremlin’s foreign arm, RT.
So the Kremlin was made aware of Hillary’s poorly secured personal email account in March 2013 – while she was still using it, and before the mainstream media started taking an interest in the scandal.
Putin as kingmaker
The Kremlin has one of the most advanced cyber-intelligence programs in the world.  Do you think they could have been made aware of the existence of Secretary of State Clinton’s irregular personal email account and not taken a close interest in it?
The Kremlin are sitting on over 10,000 of Hillary Clinton’s emails.
While the mainstream media continues to squabble over the illegality of Hillary’s email account, Putin the action man can step in and blow her career out of the water.
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