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At Least 20 Dead As Twin Blasts Hit Town Near Damascus

At Least 20 Dead As Twin Blasts Hit Town Near Damascus
Two blasts have rocked the town of Sayyida Zeinab 10km from the Syrian capital of Damascus.

The suburb is home to one of one of Shia Islam’s most renowned shrines
According to Syrian media and security sources at least nine people have been killed and 16 injured. The UK-based Saurian Observatory for Human Rights reported that at least 20 people were killed and 30 wounded in the blasts.
ISIS have reportedly claimed responsibility.
RT reports:

The first blast occurred at the entrance of Set Zaynab when a terrorist suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt. The second blast – a car bomb – rocked Fig Street, sources from Damascus police told Sana.
Syrian authorities condemned the terrorist bombings, which led to casualties among civilians, Sana added.
 : قتلى وجرحى إثر تفجير سيارة مفخخة قرب المؤسسة الاستهلاكية في بمنطقة  و تفجير ثاني عند مدخل  .
صورة أولية نقلتها مواقع موالية لموقع التفجير في منطقة  الموالية في والتي يقطنها ميليشيات ايرانية
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The first blast killed at least two people and injured three, while the second resulted in seven deaths and 13 injuries, the source added, as cited by Sputnik.
A Sana correspondent reporting from the scene said eight people have been killed and 13 injured.
عشرات القتلى والجرحى بانفجار مفخخة في السيدة زينب بريف دمشق 
Set Zaynab area has been a frequent target of terror attacks since the civil war broke out in Syria in 2011.
Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the attack, the Amaq news agency linked to group reported, as cited by Reuters.
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