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Pomtato: Scientists Create Plant That Grows Ketchup and Fries

Pomtato: Scientists unveil a plant that grows ketchup and fries
Scientists have unveiled the world’s first genetically engineered plant capable of growing ketchup and fries – together. 

A group of scientists in the Netherlands said they spent six years in developing a plant that is capable of growing both potatoes and tomatoes, lovingly nicknamed the ‘pomtato plant‘. reports:
Thompson and Morgan, the firm that commissioned the study, found an all-natural way to combine the two foods by grafting plant stems to a width that is capable of supporting both tomatoes and potatoes, Buzz60 reported.
The idea behind the “ketchup and fries” project was to help people with limited garden space maximize their growing capacity.

The plant is set to go on sale first in England, and it is expected to take off from there.
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