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Soldier Who Killed 13 Palestinians Kids Given 30 Days Jail Time

An IDF soldier has been sentenced to 30 days in jail after he was caught bragging about killing 13 Palestinian children in one day.
An IDF soldier has been sentenced to 30 days in jail after he was caught bragging about killing 13 Palestinian children in one day. 

In 2013, an Instagram post belonging to an IDF combat soldier named David D. Ovadia appeared in which he boasted about killing 13 Palestinian kids in just 24 hours. His post sparked international condemnation worldwide on social media. reports:
Posing with a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle, Ovadia tagged a Palestinian woman Sherrii ElKaderi, and wrote:
“I killed 13 childrens today and ur next f***ing muslims go to hell bitches.”

 piece of shit, if Hitler even existed, monsters like this one would not survive
“@mailraashid911: a israel army personal  boasts he killed 13 children today ,is he a carnivorous animal or something?”
@daviddovadia you are a monster so cruel than Hitler. You are a bigger evil of the world. Son of Lucifer!!
During  the Nazis did the same what about that! how can you sleep   free
 is a swine. Anyone who boasts about killing children isn't a soldier but a mercinary. 
As I said earlier, someone took a real soldier's (David Ovadia) FB photos & created fake social media accounts
 is a fake account. Situation is bad enough without spreading this lie  
Someone hijacked David D. Ovadia an IDF soldiers account and is posting hate messages to looks like he is proud that he killed palestinians
Ovadia’s initial plea was that his account had been hacked after Counter Current News reported that the post and account were deleted by an Anonymous group of online hackers, who later shut down the websites of the Mossad Intelligence Agency and the Israeli Ministry of Defense “for the brave IDF Sniper.”
Users who believed him speculated that pro-Palestine hackers had created a fake account, photo shopped his picture with his rifle, posted it with that awful caption, closed the account and claimed to have hacked it.
But it turned out the profile was real, and that the soldier did indeed post the intimidating message; even though the post was a real post, its content was not:
Fact No. 1 – Ovadia posted the photo and bragged about murdering children.
Fact No. 2 – He deleted the account after Netizens accused him of committing war crimes.
Fact No. 3 – Social media backlash prompted him to claim that unknown users faked his Twitter and Facebook account, uploaded a photo of him lying on the ground with the sub-machine gun, and wrote the caption.
Fact No. 4 – After commanders suspected that his post was not a forgery and questioned him at length,Ovadia broke down and admitted to having made up the story to appear to be involved in the hostilities in Gaza and using the claim to harass and terrorize Palestinians on social media.
Fact No. 5 – The IDF sentenced him to 30 days in prison for lying and damaging their reputation.
Five facts about the Israeli Defence Forces murder of 17-year-old, unarmed, walking down the
"Since 2000 the IDF has killed 1,400 Palestinian children in non-military situations. 1% have been charged." 
…Ovadia’s claim may be fake, but the reality is not…

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