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At Least 3 Dead At Michigan Courthouse Shooting

At Least 3 Dead At Michigan Courthouse Shooting
At least four people have reportedly been shot at a courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan, including one police officer.

The numbers have not yet been confirmed, though multiple sources say that at least two bailiffs along with the suspect have been killed
Reports suggest that a suspect was on his way to jail when he managed to grab a gun from a deputy and then open fired.
The Berrien County Sheriff said that the situation was under control as of 3 p.m.
Sputnik news reports:

Local media suggests that three people may be dead at Berrien County Courthouse. Two of the deceased are court bailiffs, while the third is the shooter, according to an employee of the country persecutor’s office, speaking to the Detroit Free Press.
These numbers have not been confirmed by state police.
Preliminary reports suggest that the suspect was on his way to jail when he grabbed a gun from a deputy and opened fire.
After being placed on lockdown, the courthouse has been secured by state police according to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.
: Berrien Co. Sheriff's Deputies & MI State Police are on the scene of shots fired at the courthouse.
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