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David Icke To Speak In Raqqa, Syria, In Front Of 1000 ISIS Militants

David Icke has announced he will speak in front of a sold-out audience of 1000 ISIS militants later this year as part of his 2016 World Wide Wake Up Tour.
David Icke has announced he will speak in front of a sold-out audience of one thousand ISIS militants later this year as part of his 2016 World Wide Wake Up Tour.

Icke, who will be travelling to Syria with his apprentice Noel Edmonds, is set to speak at a top secret location in Raqqa, Syria at some point in November.
Tickets aren’t on sale to the general public for this one. These ISIS blokes have their own hidden away internet. We put the tickets on there for £70 and they got snapped up within a day. Its the fastest sell-out we’ve ever had.”
I just go wherever the universe directs me, and it has directed me to ISIS HQ in Syria. It’s a crazy old life.”
Speaking on Newstalk ZB while promoting his upcoming seminar in Auckland, Icke was asked how he felt about travelling to the ISIS stronghold.

I’m chuffed mate. These Islamic State people are awake. Some of the sheeple who sit down and watch the mind numbing mainstream news every night could take a leaf out of their book.
From my 25 years of research, I’ve found that all is not as it seems. If the media ridicule and attack you, you are probably alright in my book. I can’t wait to meet with and talk to these like-minded sons of Godheads. I really do think this represents the next phase in my work.”
One person confronted Icke on Twitter, asking “you do realise these people throw gays off buildings and butcher women and children/anyone [who] doesn’t agree with their world view?“, to which Icke responded “It’s all an illusion mate. What have you done for the world apart from moaning at people like me who are trying to make a difference?
It is understood dwindling ticket sales in the West have encouraged Icke to focus on more right-wing, extreme audiences, who he says are “much more awake, much more receptive, and much more action oriented.”
I’ve come full circle mate. I dipped my old toes into the mainstream for a bit, and you know what? Everyone is basically a leftie sheeple. Sod that for a game of soldiers.”
Noel Edmonds, who has been sleeping on Icke’s couch for the past few weeks, is excited about the trip, describing it as “a once in a lifetime adventure” and “the reason I believe in David – he can touch anybody’s heart, even a mass murderer’s. Plus, they haven’t really killed anyone, those beheading videos are all CIA productions.”
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