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Mummified Man Found Hugging A Tree In Siberia


The mummified remains of a man have been found clinging to a tree in a forest on the outskirts of Tomsk, Siberia.

The unknown man apparently climbed the tree to escape extreme cold. He most likely died from hypothermia about eight months ago.
He was found perched on a branch of a pine tree with his arms and legs wrapped around the trunk 50 feet off the ground.
Siberia_Siberia Daily Star reports:
The unidentified victim is believed to have climbed the tree in winter and died of hypothermia.
He was found with both arms hugging the tree.
The mummy was spotted on 1 July by local man Pavel Petrov, near a road leading to the ‘closed city’ of Seversk, from which foreigners are banned, where Russia enriches and reprocesses uranium and plutonium.
He told The Siberian Times: “It was me and my father who found the body. He was sitting on a pine tree some 50 metres away from the road.mummy-573418
“The rescuer who took the body off the tree said that most likely the man got so cold he decided to climb the tree, where he died from hypothermia.”
The man was dressed in a navy vest, a sweatshirt, trousers and valenki – traditional Russian felt boots.
He died about eight months ago according to a preliminary examination by the Russian Investigative Committee.
The committee, in charge of major investigations in Russia, is seeking to identify the body.Siberia
The mummified corpse is that of German adventurer Manfred Fritz Bajorat, who had not been seen in seven years.
The abandoned yacht has turned up off the coast of the Philippines, having seemingly drifted at sea for years.
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