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Oafish armed robbers in Perth damage themselves more than others in pharmacy raid

PERTH :– Two men who allegedly attempted to withstand up a pharmacy accidentally foiled their own programs.

As per details, one squirted himself in the face with pepper spray and the other cut himself with a knife he was threatening staff with, WAtoday reported.
The pair allegedly escaped the scene-stealing only sleep apnoea masks after an encounter with staff spilled into the pharmacy car park.
An armed hold-up at a pharmacy in Shoalwater soon turns into an embarrassment for two thieves.
dp reports:
According to police one of the men sprayed himself in the face with pepper spray while trying to spray the pharmacist.
“The canister was facing the wrong way and man sprayed himself,” a police spokeswoman said.
The second man then allegedly threatened the pharmacist with a knife.
The man accidentally cut himself while trying to pull a knife on the pharmacist.
Police said no one had been shot down in relation to the incident.
The men were last seen running east along with stolen goods they might want to use to sleep off their embarrassing bungle.
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