Pakistani guy makes a chat robot, what happens next shows the ugly face Pakistani public

KARACHI: – A Pakistani programmer has devised a chatbot for automated conversation but as usual it was ruined by abusive people.

According to the details, Mateen Ahmed a programmer from Karachi rolled out a chatbot. The chat bot basically learns from what people say to it and gradually tries to acquire intelligible language. Once people start conversing with it, the robot tries to imitate them and eventually starts having proper conversations that can make sense.
However, in this case in just 9 hours the programmer was shocked to see the ugly responses of his fellow citizens.
At first it was harmless…

Then it started to get annoyed easily…
Then people started complaining that the bot is becoming rude:
Sometimes it was hilarious…
It also developed political consciousness within few hours…
Something a lot of Pakistanis have yet to do.
But mostly it was just rude…
It also started flirting randomly…
The author then revealed the purpose of his experiment:
But after its first interaction with the Pakistani public, it was never the same again
And now they can’t get it to stop flirting and abusing randomly…
The frustrated man behind the idea also expressed his views after the harrowing experience but remained firm that he will go on with his program.
You can chat with this bot at Don’t forget to post the results in the comments below.
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