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‘White Powder’ Sparks Security Alert At UK Parliament

'White Powder' Sparks Security Alert At UK Parliament
Police locked down parts of Britain’s Houses of Parliament on Thursday afternoon after an envelope containing white powder, sparked fears of a chemical or biological attack.

Areas were shut down by officers while they investigated a suspicious package.
The security alert lasted for an hour and a half before police declared the incident over.
RT reports:
The substance is believed to have been found in an envelope addressed to a Peer, a member of the House of Lords.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police says: “A suspicious package has been delivered to the Houses of Parliament.
“Officers are at the scene examining the contents of the package.”
Parliament in lockdown. Letter to a peer being analysed by police over white powder in envelope.
Doors and windows were closed and people, including some Lords, were reportedly locked out on the terrace.
The police say nobody was injured or made unwell in the incident.
"Chemical incident" on the Parliamentary estate. Police shutting down areas to discover source. Lords locked out on terrace
Times reporter Matt Chorley was among those locked out, and was tweeting from the terrace.
"Chemical incident" in parliament underway for almost an hour. Investigating a white powder.
@MattChorley in the toilets again? Isn't this becoming a little too regular?
Water now passed out on the terrace for those locked out by chemical incident. When should we be worried? "When you start turning green"

Luckily  ended just as  were finished
@MattChorley I can think of worst places to get stuck with the estate in lock down.
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