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ISIS Claim To Have Captured U.S. Military Commander In Afghanistan

ISIS say they have captured U.S. commander in Kabul
ISIS claim to have killed a U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, according to their news service Amaq

The Islamic State say they assassinated a top U.S. army commander using an explosive device which also killed two Afghan officers. reports:
The claim was reported Monday morning by the UK Daily Mirror, which provided no further details.
Amaq’s statement was also noted by the SITE Intelligence Group:

 'Amaq reports fighters in  killed a U.S. military commander and two Afghan officers with an IED 
At the time of this writing, there has been no corroboration from any source for Amaq’s claim.
ISIS claimed responsibility for a massive bombing in Kabul three weeks ago, which claimed over 80 victims.
Update, 10:45 AM EST: A spokesman for the NATO-US mission in Afghanistan has debunked the Islamic State’s claim of assassinating a U.S. military commander.
“That claim is false,” said Adam Stump, a civilian spokesman at the Pentagon.

“No Resolute Support people, U.S. or otherwise, hurt in today’s IED attack in Kabul, which targeted an Afghan army vehicle. Several ANA members were wounded only,” Col. Michael Lawhorn, Resolute Support Director of Public Affairs, told Breitbart News.
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