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Vladimir Putin Arrested For Trespassing And Harassment

vladimir putin

Vladimir Putin has been arrested at a supermarket in Florida for trespassing.

A man with the same name as Russian President Vladimir Putin has been detained by West Palm Beach police after harassing staff at a supermarket and refusing to leave.

Putin had become irate after missing his ride outside one of the largest grocery chains in the US.
RT reports:

The man who shares the same name as Russia’s president has been arrested for allegedly trespassing and harassing employees at a Florida supermarket.
vladimir putin

According to CBS 12, Putin appeared in court on Monday accused of verbally accosting staff at a Publix supermarket and refusing to leave the store on August 21.
Now the Russian Embassy in US will have to confirm that Vladimir Putin was not arrested in Florida.
It’s thought the man became irate after missing a ride he had arranged to take outside one of the largest grocery chains in the US. Putin has also been charged with resisting arrest, according to reports.
Unsurprisingly, Twitter users have been having a field day with the suspect’s name.
.@realDonaldTrump Do you or your campaign have an official statement about Vladimir Putin being arrested at Publix?

@erichoteham Poor Putin. Just being president and all. In jail.
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