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Pakistan Conducts Nuclear ‘High-Mark’ Drill Over India

Pakistan launched 'high-mark' nuclear drill over India
Pakistan launched a “high-mark” drill on Thursday in efforts to foil any possible nuclear attack coming from India. 

All commercial flights were suspended for a number of hours on Thursday as Pakistani fighter jets took to the skies, fuelling speculation that a military showdown between the two countries may be about to occur. reports:
“The display of military readiness, which included a late-night jet flyover Thursday above this capital city (Islamabad), has come amid an unusually tense showdown with India,” the report added.
The blatant muscle flexing with Pakistani Mirage and F-16 fighter jets, closure of airspace over parts of Pakistan, and cancellation of at least 10 domestic flights spooked small investors on Wednesday. However, safety assurances by the military calmed Pakistani investors and the Karachi benchmark-100 index bounced back to 0.91 percent on Thursday.

Pakistani officials have described the air defense exercise, code-named “High Mark” as routine. However, security officials speaking on conditions of anonymity told the US media that the exercises were more than routine and part of a strategy to foil any possible Indian attack.

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