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This solar-powered jacket is the answer to you charging woes

TOKYO – Believe it or not, there is a solar-powered jacket coat that can charge your smartphone on the go.

Comme des Garcons’ alumnus Junya Watanbe first unveiled his FW16 solar-powered men’s coat back in March, but his unique creation is doing the rounds once again, after becoming available for purchase at the hefty price of $2,480.
With four large solar panels on the back and the two in the front, this coat harnesses the power of the sun, converts it to electricity and stores it in a hidden power pack for on-the-go charging.
Considered one of the most eccentric figures in men’s fashion, Junya Watanabe is famous for his radical designs, and the FW16 marks his first entry into the wearable tech sector. While it’s unclear how much time the wearer would have to spend in the sun to harvest enough energy to recharge a power-hungry smartphone.
The FW16 also comes with a phone charging cable, although it’s unclear whether it’s an iPhone connection, a microUSB connection, or the new Type-C.
The Junya Watanabe Green Solar-Powered Coat is now available at SSENSE.
Source: Independent
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