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Google Admits CNN Is ‘Fake News’

Google labels CNN 'fake news'
The thought police over at Google must be on vacation. Currently, when a user searches “CNN is” into Google, the top autocomplete suggestion currently says “CNN is fake news”.

This is probably due to Donald Trump calling them “fake news” at his press conference last week.
CNN Is Fake news
You may recall that last year during the 2016 presidential election, Google was censoring negative Hillary autocomplete suggestions.
Various users did different tests showing the results on Google versus other search engines to prove that Google were censoring the standard autocomplete suggestion that was showing up on the other search engines.
For example when “Hillary Clinton is” was typed into Google, the top result was “winning” or “awesome”.
But on other search engines, the results were:  “a liar”, “a criminal”, “evil”, “a crook”, “corrupt”.
Google also censored autocomplete suggestions when you typed in Hillary’s health.
Employees at Google will be busy this week when they discover these unusually honest autocomplete suggestions.
Autosuggestions such as:
MSNBC is: “liberal”, “biased”, “fake news”.
Liberals are: “idiots”, “hateful”, “racist”, “sore losers”
Fake news is: “fake”, “propaganda”, “bullshit”
Democrats are: “sore losers”, “racist”, “finished”, “evil”
Test these search results for yourself, before Google begin censoring them. Let us know if you find any others by commenting below.
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