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Russia Targets US Spy Plane Over Syrian Waters

Russian and Arab media sources have reported that Russian anti-aircraft missile units targeted a US reconnaissance aircraft over the Eastern Mediterranean Sea on Thursday.

As yet there been no official confirmation on the incident.
Social media activists in Tartus port city reported that the Russian anti-aircraft missile units opened fire at a US spying plane in the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday.
As the Russian missile units started anti-air operation, unconfirmed reports said that the Russian missiles targeted a RQ 4 Global Hawk drone of the US army.
The Mirnov’vestiyeh daily reported that the US possibly planned to gather intel on the Russian anti-aircraft system in Tartus port and Humeimim base by using RQ 4 Global Hawk drone that is an expensive spying plan.
The daily added that it is very strange that news went viral about the missing of a similar drone over California on Thursday morning.
A NATO F-16 fighter jet tried to approach the Russian defense minister’s plane above the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea On Wednesday.
The plane was warded off by a Russian Su-27 escorting the minister’s aircraft, according to journalists who were on board.
The Russian plane was en route to the city of Kaliningrad, a Western Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea, where Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu was scheduled to discuss security issues with defense officials on Wednesday, RT reported.
While one NATO aircraft tried to approach the Russian airplane, a Russian Su-27 fighter jet got in its way and tilted its wings, apparently showing its arms, according to RIA Novosti and TASS journalists who were on board. The F-16 then flew away.
Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that he has no information about the incident.
“It’s probably better to ask the Defense Ministry,” Peskov said in answer to journalists’ questions.
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