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Mysterious Vibrations, Boom Sounds Heard Acros South Carolina

Loud booms, vibrations heard across South Carolina, worrying residents
People across South Carolina reported hearing vibrations and loud boom sounds earlier on Tuesday afternoon. 
Residents in Charleston, Berkeley, Williamsburg,  and Mount Pleasant reported hearing the strange sounds. reports:
Some on Daniel Island, James Island and Goose Creek said their homes shook.
This happened around 12:26 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.  
The USGS website currently does not have an earthquake recorded.
At 1:37 p.m. the USGS said “We see no detectable EQ in Charleston at the time of reported shaking. The origin of the disturbance is unknown possibly a sonic boom.”

The College of Charleston Earthquake Centers tells News 2, what was recorded on the seismograph was too small to have been an earthquake felt this widespread.
C of C says “Our SC Earthquake Education and Preparedness program says it was a sonic boom, not an earthquake.”
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