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At Least 20 Dead After Car Bomb Explosion In Turkish Capital, Ankara

Blast Hits Military Dormitory In Turkish Capital Of Ankara
A huge explosion has been reported in Ankara close to the Turkish parliament building.
A Turkish police official quoted by the Reuters news agency said the blast was caused by a vehicle exploding.
Local authorities report that at least 20 people were killed with 45 more injured.
Ankara’s governor, said officials believed the explosion was aimed at a convoy of military service vehicles passing close to parliament, government buildings and Turkey’s military headquarters.
An official at the armed forces’ general staff confirmed that a bus carrying military personnel had been the target.
Private NTV said the explosion occurred during the rush hour, in an area close to military headquarters, as a bus carrying military personnel was passing by. Several cars caught fire.Photos on social media showed large plumes of smoke rising from the area.
The explosion happened near to Turkey’s parliament, the Presidency of the General Staff, and Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard commands.

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