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Musharraf admits Pak army’s role to get him out of Pakistan

WASHINGTON DC:  Former president and army chief Pervez Musharraf has admitted that Pak army played vital role to get him out of Pakistan.

In an interview to The Atlantic in Washington DC, Musharraf said that the army was a vital part of Pakistan’s governance and it had often played an important role in the country as democracy had not been tailored to its environment.
DP Reports:
“Reasonably fair,” he replied when Robert Siegel, the interviewer asked him: “You are an army guy; the army looked after you. You were able to leave despite the government’s efforts to keep you there, fair (assumption)?”
“Army has always had a role since our independence (on August 14, 1947). Army has played a prominent role in the governance of Pakistan, partially because or mainly because of misgovernance by all of the so-called democratically elected governments,” the former dictator said.
“The people of Pakistan love the army; the people of Pakistan demand a lot from the army so I am very proud of the fact that army backed me because I have been with them for over 40 years. I have fought two wars with them and I have fought a number of actions with them so I know they are my constituents,” the former army chief added.
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