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Doomsday Plane Captured Circling Around Trump Towers, New York

Mysterious 'Doomsday plane' captured flying around Trump Towers in New York city gets residents in a panic
Residents of New York City reported seeing a military Doomsday Plane flying close to the Trump Towers late Tuesday afternoon. 

According to multiple reports on Twitter, either a Boeing E-4B (Doomsday Plane) or a C-130 (military plane) were spotted and filmed circling the air around midtown for over an hour before leaving the airspace.
The secretive Doomsday Plane (also known as the National Airborne Operations Center) is a U.S. government plane designed to keep the US government running in the event of a nuclear war.
Regardless of whether the plane was indeed a E-4B or a C-130 – any type of military aircraft flying as such a low altitude over New York City is extremely unusual.
There is a very low flying propeller plane that appears to be doing circles over Midtown Manhattan. Anyone know what's up?
According to Buzzfeed, the New York Police Department (NYPD) say they don’t know why the plane was circling over New York City.
The Federal Aviation Administration refused to disclose what “the mission” of the plane was.
and the @usairforce says they’ll get back to us
and the @FAANews “we do not disclose the mission of what the plane is doing"
With information from authorities being so sparse, users speculated as to what the military aircraft was doing flying so close to President-elect Donald Trump’s home.
One user suggested the plane was being used to test and calibrate a new military radar installed at the top of Trump Towers.
@radbiird @MattHardigree @HeimishCon they installed a mil. radar on top of trump tower and were testing/calibrating it with a known aircraft
Others suggested the aircraft was part of a drill or a training exercise.

The C-130 flying over Manhattan is part of a training exercise
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