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Trump Appears To Push The Prime Minister Of Montenegro Out Of The Way - Video

WHEN SHOULDER SLAP COMES TO SHOVE​While he's spent much of the NATO summit in Brussels in a handshake war with French President Emmanuel Macron, President Trump drew the attention of Twitter with another potentially less-than-friendly maneuver, this time involving Dusko Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro. 

In a short video, Trump appears to push Markovic out of the way so that he can ease by the Montenegrin leader and stand in front of the group:  

 Steve Kopack

It's hardly an open and shut case — let's break down the supporting evidence for each interpretation. 
It's A Friendly Shoulder Slap
  • Markovic is smiling after Trump passes him, and doesn't seem particularly perturbed.
  • Markovic's right arm ends up underneath Trump's left arm, indicating that Trump patted Markovic on the back simultaneously with the shoulder slap.
No, That's A Shove
  • Markovic's face registers some surprise when Trump makes first contact.
  • Trump doesn't look at or speak to Markovic during or after the shoulder slap.
  • Trump positions himself in the front and adjusts his coat, suggesting he was angling for position.
  • Trump's manner immediately afterward with Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė does not seem particularly friendly either. 

Which is all to say, we'll never know for sure!

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