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Donald Trump’s Doppelganger Spotted in Spain

It looks like Donald Trump has a twin, a female potato farmer from rural Spain

Dolores Leis Antelo from Nanton, La Coruna, has become a viral sensation after a photo revealing her uncanny resemblance to the US president was shared online.
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Se llama Dolores Leis, es gallega y se dedica a la agricultura, su foto fue publicada por @lavozdegalicia y se viralizó por su supuesto parecido a @realDonaldTrump Are you similar, Mr. President?
According to a report in La Voz de Galicia, Dolores is now being dubbed the “Donald Trump of the Costa da Morte”
She says: “My photo seems to have travelled far. I say it is because of the colour of my hair”
A picture of Dolores armed with a hoe while standing in a field looking into the distance has received thousands of retweets and ‘likes’ on social media.
Many have compared her picture to one of Trump teeing off on the golf course of one of his resorts.

Not the real Donald Trump? Dolores Leis Antelo in Nanton, La Coruna, north-eastern Spain has been compared to the U.S. President. #DonaldTrump
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