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Israel Drops Tactical Nuclear Bomb On Syria

An Israeli airplane has dropped a tactical nuclear bomb on a Syrian ammunition depot, according to local reports.
An Israeli airplane in Syria has dropped the first nuclear bomb deployed in armed conflict since the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, according to local reports.

The nuclear blast targeted an ammunitions depot in Hama, Syria and was so powerful it caused a 2.6 magnitude earthquake recorded close to Taqsees, Hama, Syria at 10:40 pm local time Sunday, at the same time Syrian TV reported several explosions in the same area.
Moments later, videos of a massive set of explosions, reportedly at a Syrian military base at Jabal al-Bukhut 47, some 10 miles south-east of Hama, began to appear on social media.
An accurate assessment of the damage caused has so far been impossible due to a huge cloud of impenetrable dust covering the target. Hama is one of the chief Iranian supply depots for the Syrian army in their eight-year battle against insurgent jihadi groups attempting to ouster President Bashar al-Assad and seize control of Syria.
Another video of the huge explosion at 46 Brigade arms depot in , rumours of Israeli Strikes, could be sabotage as well.
One report cited a hostile strike by the Israeli air force that targeted an ammunition depot in the Hama area. The depot is used mostly by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and is believed to house an underground Iranian rockets base.
Reports from Israel indicate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his ministers are holding an emergency cabinet meeting at the Kirya military base in Tel Aviv following the alleged Israeli airstrike on the underground Iranian rockets depot in Syria.

The news from Syria has sparked renewed fears in the region that the “Syrian powder keg” could explode and spill into surrounding countries, engulfing the region in a world war involving all of the major global powers.
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