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Saudi Man Killed In Missile Attack From Yemen

RIYADH: Saudi air forces intercepted on Saturday four ballistic missiles shot by Yemen’s Houthi militias that targeted border city Jazan, Al Arabiya local news reported.

The four missiles were shot at the same time at 10:40 am local time (0740 GMT) and were targeting residential areas in the city, the report said.
The forces intercepted on Friday a ballistic missile shot towards another border city Najran.
Saudi civil defense announced the death of a male citizen after the falling of the shrapnel of a projectile shot from Yemen that targeted the border city, Al Arabiya local news reported.
The incident also left two homes and three vehicles damaged, the spokesperson of the civil defense confirmed.
Houthi militias have been targeting various Saudi cities, mainly those near the Saudi-Yemeni border. Saudi Arabia is leading a coalition in support of the exiled Yemeni government against Iranian backed militias.
Jazan and Najran are the most hit targets of the ongoing attacks by Houthi militias. The Yemeni rebels have also targeted Riyadh and Makkah and other residential areas throughout the three-year war with the Saudi-led coalition.
The militias have fired over 100 ballistic missiles in total targeting Saudi Arabian land, said an Arab coalition statement released on April 16. Saudi air defenses were able to intercept most of them.
The spokesperson of the coalition, Col. Turki Al Maliki revealed in a press conference held last week that Houthis shot missiles randomly towards Saudi Arabi along with more than 66,000 projectiles.
Al Maliki accused Iran of standing behind the instability in Yemen through arming the Houthi rebels.
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